aboutusIn 1993, my brother Joe, our life-long friend Doug and I left Seattle, Washington chasing our collective dream of building a coffee company. Along with an espresso cart we had just spent our combined life savings on, we packed all of our worldly possessions into a U-Haul truck and set out. Destination – Charlottesville, VA baby!

Twenty-two years later we are proud to serve only Organic coffee and are an OCIA certified Organic coffee roastery. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality, freshest, environmentally sound coffee on the market. We believe in sourcing coffee from farms that are committed to environmental sustainability and fair wages for farmers and their families. This has led us to a lifelong pursuit of building relationships with like-minded people in the Specialty Coffee Industry and with farms and collectives throughout the world.

You can directly experience our coffees and espresso drinks at our two TBC roastery/retail locations in Nelson County, Virginia and three Higher Grounds locations at the Universtity of Virginia. You can also find our coffee offered at many fine establishments and stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

TBC is family-owned and operated, small-batch, and completely “a mano.” We sight roast to order and do not warehouse roasted coffee of any kind. Our roasters and baristas meticulously cup each coffee we source, collectively creating roast profiles that coax out and enhance the inherent flavor characteristics that are special to each particular origin. As my mentor Joe Kittay once said, “you must develop a feel for what is going on inside the bean.” Over two decades and counting later, it is who we are. It is what we do. And we believe you will notice the difference in the cup.

– William Trager